Venus D.

Venus embarked on her yoga journey seven years ago, discovering its profound impact on her mental well-being and its remarkable grounding effect.
Since then, she has remained devoted to her practice, culminating in her achievement of a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate in Bali in 2019, where she studied both Hatha and Vinyasa styles.
In addition to her yoga practice, Venus leads a monthly Queer Black Yoga event on behalf of The Queer Black Yoga Alliance and has co-founded Free People, Free People, a monthly gathering with a mission to cultivate empowering BIPOC spaces grounded in liberation, fostering authenticity and care through somatic practices of meditation, yoga, and breathwork.
In her classes, Venus places a strong emphasis on the transformative power of somatic healing, seamlessly weaving breathwork and meditation alongside the practice of asanas.
Venus firmly believes in the universality of yoga, seeing every individual as a vessel for its profound benefits, and she is steadfast in her commitment to making her classes inclusive and accessible to all.
  • RYT 200
  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Queer Black Yoga
  • BIPOC dream weaving

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Jul 21
Hatha Yoga & Healing Meditation 2024-07-21 at 10 - 11:15am
Hatha Yoga & Healing Meditation classes near Austin view
Flow yoga class
at 3rd Eye
with Venus D.

Venus D.'s upcoming events

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