3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

A community gathering place where members can host mindful, healing events, consume elixirs and tonics of high vibration, attend intentional classes, workshops, yoga, healing, and receive coaching.


As a wellness center, we cultivate community and support conscious consumerism here in Austin, TX's heart, Casa De Luz, a literal lighthouse.


We believe in the amazing power and healing abilities of our bodies. As part of our commitment to empowering the community in their own health journey, we aim to provide teachings, classes, products, and lifestyle perspectives. In our container, we honor the aspects of spirituality and hold a standard for the avenues of inner alchemy and rooted integration.


We believe that intentions provided abundantly by Mother Nature, have the power to heal; create wholeness and overall balance. We are experienced in being connected to our creation and respecting the Earth is the pillar in which we have built this community as it provides truth, depth and real nourishment for all of the bodies - mind, body and soul.


3rd eye has been here in service to the Austin community for over 6 years and we believe in sovereign collaboration. From our farmers to our affiliates to our staff, teamwork is what makes the dream work! We love to offer in person community building that allows people to experience these medicines first hand either at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge or any event we are sponsoring!


We live in a changing world, and consciousness is always evolving. The growth of the community and our own selves must be constant. This expansive time is ushering in a new paradigm for our world, and we are committed to supporting many others during it.

Journey From Head To The Heart

Our clients call us a sanctuary for their mind, body, and soul. We like to consider ourselves as a wellness center with an integrative approach. We provide not only classes and delicious cacao, but also wellness support plans and an herbal pharmacy that help you get to the next level.

Cacao for the people

We are here to preserve the ceremonial grade cacao in our world, nourish community with the herbs that are necessary to thrive in this day and age and invite others on a journey from their head to their heart. We specialize in sourcing cacao from sustainable permaculture bio-dynamic and heirloom farms because we choose to serve cacao in its purest form that holds all of its medicinal benefits and helps sustain the original species.

The Alchemy of Cacao

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