Sacred Anger Release: Liberate Through Somatic Healing Experience

This potent exploration invites you to dive deep into your emotions, express them healthily, and finally break free from the grip of buried rage. In a safe and supportive space, you'll have the opportunity to process and express, harnessing the fire of your anger and transmuting it into a force for empowerment and clarity.
Emerge from this journey feeling lighter, stronger, and more connected to your authentic self. This experience equips you with tools to understand and channel your anger for personal growth as you join a supportive community of like-minded peers on a shared path of healing and discover the transformative power of confronting your anger.

Surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey, it's a reclamation of your power. It's a chance for a journey to rewrite your relationship with anger, unleashing its energy as a force for personal growth and emerging empowered, authentic.
Powerful breathwork techniques to release stored emotions, guided visualizations to transform your energy, and journaling prompts for deeper self-reflection.

Meet your host

A heart-centered practitioner certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Somatic Breathwork, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Sound Healing, and Trauma-informed background.
Helps people release emotional blocks and stress, facilitating deep, positive, and long-lasting life changes. Addresses the root causes of emotional blocks at physical, mental, and emotional levels through root cause, somatic healing, and integration.

  • Somatic Breathwork
  • Sound Healing

Sacred Anger Release: Liberate Through Somatic Healing Experience

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