The Compassionate Community (FREE)

Sympathy is feeling for another. Empathy is feeling with another. Compassion is empathy plus action. Compassion is rooted in the knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect humans. That we all struggle, and we all triumph. That we contain both the dark and the light.

Join us for a monthly meetup focused on cultivating a renewed sense of community and interdependence as we navigate through life's ebbs.This event is for anyone moving through challenge, transition and change. Attendees will deepen into themselves through somatic writing, receive the gift of being witnessed and witnessing, and soothed as we end with sound healing. Walk away knowing that you are never alone and always deeply loved.

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Mari's purpose is to be a channel for love, light, and joy. She does this through reiki healing, breathwork circles, and retreats. Mari empowers others to tune into their own personal knowing so that we may live in a more just and beautiful world. Mari demonstrates compassion, vulnerability, and goofiness in all her interactions. She also loves dancing anywhere, anyway, anytime.


Reiki Master Practitioner (Holy Fire III Usui Reiki)
Revelation Breathwork Facilitator
Miracle Way Facilitator
YT 200 Yoga Teacher

The Compassionate Community (FREE)

Sunday 1:30-3PM

Apr 14, 2024

at 3rd Eye

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