Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Feb 10, 2023

at 3rd Eye

Art as Mirror

In this class we will use artistic expression to reflect on who you are and how you are in the present moment. In this relaxing workshop, we'll play with colors to explore where we're at in various areas of life. We'll use conversation to reflect on what the art we create reveals about our current states, and then assess what energies we may wish to change. Take this special time to practice self-expression and give your attention to what’s alive in your inner and outer world.

Meet your host

Amy Lohr is a writer and all-around creative exploring the art of expression through her work. As a creativity mentor and brand designer, Amy helps inspired folks to bring their ideas to life; from abstract to tangible. She is the author of Like the Sun at Midday and the host of the In Full Color podcast.

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