Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm

Oct 25, 2023

at 3rd Eye

LEAP - Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

LEAP - Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process is a direct energy transmission that activates a profound self-awakening process, which has been called the kundalini awakening. Kundalini is just one of the names given to the powerful, creative, lifeforce energy that flows inside and around every human being. This energy often lies dormant; most people only tap into a small portion of its potential. Once awakened, a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system can occur with continued exposure and combined with conscious awareness and choices. This rewiring enables a deep healing that is often unattainable via other means.
Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket, and any other items to make yourself comfortable (pillow, eye mask, etc.)

As it is a transmission of life force energy, it is a path of surrender and not of will, and therefore different from other self-generated willful practices (such as kundalini yoga, tantra, chi gong etc). It is a natural and intuitive energetic process that won’t shock your system in any way because it is your own internal lifeforce energy. The energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in that moment of time. It is an invitation to explore beyond what we have known and experience a deep and profound truth and authenticity in our being – guiding you to step back into your authentic power, remembrance of your essence, and into more fulfillment while experiencing the joy of existence.


LEAP Session

During the session you will lie down on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns.

In your internal experience, a wide range of phenomena can occur. Everything from spontaneous movements to emotional releases, visuals, or feelings of bliss. Many experience it as a purification or receive deep insights, realizations, and releases, whether that is physically, mentally, energetically, or emotionally. The experience is unique every time for each individual.

How to prepare: bring a yoga mat, wear loose and comfortable clothing, arrive with an empty stomach (don't eat for about 2 hours before the session starts), don’t ingest any stimulating substances on the day of the session.


IG: iam_tiffanygrace

Meet your host

Tiffany is an Ayurvedic Counselor, Cellular Detoxification Specialist and Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process Facilitator. Tiffany always had a passion for physical well being and became trained in multiple wellness practices and modalities. She has helped hundreds of women with their nutrition and wellbeing, and guiding them to feeling alive and radiant in their bodies. Tiffany found LEAP and discovered how much energy, awareness and clarity she was receiving that she knew this was her next offering for others. She became a trained facilitator and now shares this energy and love with others. Tiffany offers private, small and large group facilitations.

  • LEAP Facilitation Training Certification
  • Ayurvedic Coach and Counselor Training through Shakti School
  • Cellular Detoxification Specialist through Dr. Morse


  • Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

LEAP - Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm

Oct 25, 2023

at 3rd Eye

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