Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Jun 09, 2023

at 3rd Eye

Body Temple Dance

Body Temple Dance is a somatic and spiritual wholistic approach and movement made for you to inhabit your body’s authentic pleasure, love, and aliveness. This movement language and practice welcomes both the shadow and divinity.
Together we weave trauma-informed foundations based on nervous system education, embodied sex education, and traditional Tantric energy healing for self-healing and integration.
Everything we perceive about ourselves and the world comes from the state of our nervous system, yet none of us were taught how to work with this. We all want to open to greater pleasure, reclaim our passion and live our soul’s purpose but there is a process of slowing and sustainable growing our valley of capacity for receiving.
Body Temple Dance is a practice of prayer in movement with what is, and learning how to be with discomfort without shutting down, running away, or attacking.
It is for those who wish to go deeper into the sacred world of somatics, feminine healing arts, movement, and expression as the ultimate healer of intimacy blocks, trauma, and reclaiming our purpose to love here on Earth.
Come as you are, welcome the fullness of yourself and learn how to receive the healing power of unconditional love through your bodys innate wisdom. All genders, races, sexualities and ethnicities welcomed! Leave your judgments and preconceived notions at the door and let's dance! <3
Body Temple Dance was created by the beloved Adriana Rizzolo.

Meet your host

Annie is a Somatic Healer, Dharma Coach, Meditation Teacher and passionate devotee on the path of conscious loving & transformation. Annie's primary focus is in dismantling the ways of being that keep us stuck in shame and separation, through anchoring into the healing power of unconditional love within our individual hearts and bodies. With a background in Somatics, Spirituality, Sociology and the feminine healing arts, Annie is enthusiastic about unveiling the sacred within the very real reality of our human experience-- both shadow and light.
Annie believes ritual and relationship are an essential part of living an authentic, purposeful and well-rounded life. With years of doing "the work" healing her own familial, ancestral and relational trauma, as well as devoting her life to conscious living, Annie's journey has been in returning to the whole, honest human heart and embodiment as the center and source of experiencing any and all things connective and divine.
Annie supports her clients and students in embodiment on the devotional path of loving, discovering their true selves and being of service to humanity and the Earth through their own unique souls truth and expression. She believes it is essential for us to reclaim our own individual autonomy to anchor into true self-knowing, healing and connection. Not only for ourselves and God, but also to cultivate meaningful relationships with others, and to support us on the path of our unique souls purpose that is authentic to the core of our own hearts. Annie is also a poet, dancer, and lover of all things emotive & mystical.

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