Sunday 3:00pm-4:30pm

Mar 26, 2023

at 3rd Eye

The Yoga of Joy: Freedom Through Emotional Expression

The Yoga of Joy blends Kundalini yoga, ecstatic dance, breathwork, visualization, NLP, Internal Family Systems, and somatic practices to fully witness, accept and express emotions.

In the Yoga of Joy, we share a journey through the chakra system and emotions. The purpose is to become more whole and healthy by strengthening the emotional muscles and the nervous system's ability to handle them without being overwhelmed. Doing this in a group setting is powerful because this involves releasing your own emotions as well as experiencing those of others. Ultimately the Yoga of Joy teaches that all emotions are signs pointing the way to the joy that is always available.


More details on why this is important:

The Yoga of Joy is designed to solve a major problem in society: that we are taught to fear what we should love.
Men are taught to fear crying and being sad or soft. Men are also taught to generally repress all emotions.

Women are conditioned to fear yelling and being angry or hard. Women's emotions are repressed because men are taught to avoid them or worse. What we are taught/conditioned to fear is what the other gender is taught to do.

This disconnect and repression is the cause of so much dis-ease in relationships and for individuals. 99% of disease is psychosomatic or related to both body and mind. The opposite of repression and depression is expression.

This work brings us together to explore and express emotions in a safe and loving environment using a blend of modalities. By doing this work we can more fully engage with ourselves, in relationships, and in the world.


Testimonials: "I felt joy in a new way. It wasn't big and exciting. Instead it was calm and powerful."

"I've never experienced unity like that."

"During the joy movement lots of memories came up from throughout my life. I got so many flashes of joy."

"I've been emotional all week. Coming here felt so good to express and release what I was struggling with and have it received by other people. It gave me permission to feel."

Meet your host

Jake Trigg is a yoga and meditation practitioner for 20+ years, an author, and a father of 2 boys. His creative focus is on ways to encourage loving the full range of feelings. In the Yoga of Joy he shares a novel approach for exploring and releasing emotions in community. His latest children's book The WAE of Emotions teaches both kids and adults a fun and meaningful approach to investigate and express their inner worlds. Ultimately he believes that all emotions are signs pointing the way to joy and love.

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