Stephanie T.

Stephanie is a Subconscious Transformation Guide and Integrative Coach.

After spending over 10 years deeply struggling and exploring a wide variety of health & healing modalities with little to no change in her life, she discovered the power of utilizing the Subconscious Mind combined with Quantum tools to propel her into the future she had been dreaming of for so long. Talk about some fast, efficient, and effective methods to transforming one's consciousness– and as a result the tangible aspects of life as well.

The deep and lasting impacts of her experiences in these modalities led her to dive in head first and get trained and certified certain teachings, tools, and techniques so she could not only help herself, but also help as many other people as she possibly can.

Stephanie guides groups through discovering clarity, leads a small group program a couple times a year, facilitates Breakthrough Sessions, and works with 1:1 coaching clients. She takes a root-cause holistic approach, her work affects all aspects of each individual– Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.



Master Practitioner of NLP, MER®, and Hypnosis & Board Certified Integrative NLP Coach

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