Courtney K.

Hey there! I am Courtney Keiser from Austin believe it or not! I am a Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master.

I am a former LPC/psychotherapist with a Master's in Counseling from St. Edward’s University. I retired my license this past year after feeling a strong pull to take all the skills, knowledge, and experience I gained from my career and combine it with my spiritual practice, wisdom, and training.

During my time as a therapist, I was taking Mia Magik’s witch schools, getting akashic records readings, gained a certification/initiation as a Priestess of the Magdalena Rose path through the Secret Garden Society’s year-long program, and became a Reiki Master in Usui Ryoho Healing through Raven Moon Healing Arts. I reconnected with my past lives of being a healer and witch and the brutality I had experienced.

All of this training provided the loving support and skills for me to heal and work through my own witch wounds and shadows. I then felt brave enough to finally leave the patriarchal system that governs therapy and break out on my own to serve and provide healing to the collective as well as animals.

I am grateful for my mystic journey and I am honored to help others navigate and heal theirs. I focus on trauma work, shadow work, guided meditation, energy healing, spirit, animal spirit guidance, cultivation of one’s own unique magikal practice, embracing and growing clair abilities, and building a better relationship with self.

I work with individuals and now offer reiki for animals. I have led many moon rituals but providing a class healing is new and I’m stoked! I look forward to this new journey and I hope I get to share it with you!



  • Masters in Counseling from St. Edward's University
  • Former Licensed Professional Counselor/Psychotherapist
  • Spiritual & Metaphysical Life Coach
  • Reiki Master certified in Usui Ryoho Healing
  • High Priestess of the Magdalena Rose Path
  • Witch School Certification through Mia Magik
  • Witchy Rich Certification through Mia Magik

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