Weekly Classes


Energy Clearing & Cleansing Meditation - Monday’s @ 6PM

In this class we’ll be learning and implementing practical tools to hone into our natural intuitive abilities and guidance while having fun doing it! We’ll explore our energetic and physical systems and practice integrating and healing the two at a core level so they are working in sync with one another for our optimum health. This allows us to be more fully present within ourself and with others in all aspects of our day to day life whether at work, home or play.

We are honored to have local teacher and healer in energy medicine, Camille Avis as part of our teaching staff, here is Camille's bio:

Camille Avis has an impressive background in Corporate Finance and Marketing in addition to being a Holistic Health expert. After moving out of the corporate sphere she took a radical stand for her health and life to pursue Intuition Medicine. She had the privilege of studying with some of the top thought Leaders in the world such as Dr. Rick Hanson, best selling author of the book Buddha’s Brain, and Dr. Judith Orloff, one of the major Medical Intuitives in the industry. She went on to receive a Masters Certification in Energy Medicine®, putting her in the field for over ten years. Through her unique skill set she teaches and coaches people to be empowered by listening to the voice within so they can live their truth and follow their passions from a place of inner peace and calm; and most importantly...have fun doing it!


Restorative Yoga - Tuesday’s @ 5PM

Restorative yoga utilizes props to support your body while holding poses for several minutes. The purpose of this practice is to soften the spaces where tension is held both physically and emotionally, returning the body back to its natural state of balance. It is a meditative class whereby being physically supported allows you to let go and find a state of relaxation and comfort.

Join Devin Every Tuesday Evening at 5:00pm

More about Devin:
Having began her journey of healing as a means to overcome trauma, Devin Grindrod understands the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection that holistic services provide. She has continued to return to this practice over the years as a way to center herself and find stillness. Devin has used this knowledge of reunification to empower those she has worked with on both the community and individual level to help discover their strength and self-worth.

Devin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. She attained a graduate certification in Restorative Practices from the International Institute for Restorative Practices. Devin earned her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification through Core Power Yoga and is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She has also attended a 20-hour workshop on Trauma-Informed Yoga, training with Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga. Devin is also an Usui Reiki Master as well as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator.

During her higher education career, Devin discovered her passion of trauma healing by working with the Youth Violence Research Lab at San Diego State University. It was through her work with children and families in City Heights, San Diego that she found her fascination for community and learned how important it is to reach out and support one another. Devin continued working on the grassroots level as a Behavioral Coach with New Alternatives, Inc. for children with developmental, mood, and learning disorders. Here she aided in facilitating a home environment where families learned to communicate and respect one another in order to foster a sense of cohesiveness. Devin then transitioned her focus of trauma healing to yoga and started her business, Spiritually Balanced. She has worked with students both privately as well as in addiction recovery facilities throughout Southern California and Austin, Texas. Her goal is to create a safe space where individuals feel empowered to regain control over their lives while working to become the most authentic version of themselves.

Devin is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole person healing. She understands the importance of giving yourself permission to find stillness and letting go of what no longer serves you. She returns to the quote by B.K.S. Iyengar “Begin as you are,” as a motto for both her teaching and her personal life. Releasing yourself from expectations allows for space to grow and cultivate a life of bliss.

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Sunset Agnihotra - Tuesday’s At Sunset

Agni is a universal power responsible for union and harmony throughout creation. Since the Industrial Age, humanity has lost its spiritual connection to Agni, contributing to ecological disturbance and pollution.

Agnihotra is a universal practice that creates balance and harmony for all life, through the element of fire. Awaken Inner Fire is dedicated to sharing this ancient practice and other holistic Vedic and Yogic practices.

Agnihotra and its Ayruvedic applications can heal:
- Anxiety
- Fatigue
- Insomnia
- Depression
- Drug addiction
- Radiation pollution
- Soil nutrient depletion

Agnihotra nourishes the self and environment, enabling life to flourish in its many forms.

Experience oneness, peace, and love as we offer healing energies to Mother Earth and connect in meditation.
Source:: www.awakeninnerfire.com


Self Love Meditation w/ Ash Monical - Wednesdays @ 7:45 PM

Self Love class with Ash consists of guided meditation, sound and other practices that facilitate attunement to your heart space. This class is based in the truth that all success, abundance, peace and connection begins from within. You will be guided to honor both the shadow and the light.

You can expect to leave feeling more centered, empowered and in tune with yourself and the tribe of people who surround you. This class is a loving, accepting, safe, sacred space that facilitates operating in the world with receptivity and response rather than reaction in fear.

Ash has been facilitating meditation for over 3 years and has assisted hundreds of people on their awakening journey. She has also been a touring and recording songwriter for over a decade as well as sober since 2012. You will walk out of the space feeling inspired to live soulfully in your passion.

Ash is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher and Pranic healer, as well as attuned to Reiki II. She calls on angelic forces, spirit guides and infinite intelligence to create a foundational healing space in her classes.

This class will bring you just what you need to surrender, relax and get a really good night's sleep.

Your yoga mat and the willingness to connect with your heart and find the healer within

Sound Healing with Ashley Shelton - Thursdays @ 8:15 PM

Join me every Thursday night at @3rd eye meditation lounge for yoga nidra (deep relaxation) also called yogic sleep and sound healing complete with singing bowls, drums, chimes, and gongs.
We open with cacao to gently open our heart spaces and then relax with props and blankets and settle into a journey into the subconscious and beyond. Powerful and beautiful practice.
Thursdays at 8:15!

What to expect: Cellular healing with sound healing and yoga Nidra. In these practices we will dive deep into our subconscious using the powerful
techniques of yoga Nidra and sound healing to access deep states of relaxation and awareness of the subconscious.
Yoga Nidra develops deep inner awareness and enables us to experience deep states of relaxation within our physical and subtle bodies. Yoga Nidra balances the hemispheres of the brain and improves functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems. Yoga Nidra and the sound of
the gongs and other sounds allow our brains to enter different states of wave patterns that not only stimulate our intuition and creativity but allow us to rewrite thoughts and emotions.

You will be guided into relaxation using various techniques and the powerful healing sounds of gongs, drums, singing bowls and chimes.
You may expect brief gentle movement and pranayama before the yoga Nidra and healing sound meditation.

Please bring anything to support your comfort during meditation and relaxation.


3rd Eye Cacao Alchemical Integration - Sunday’s @ 12pm

Every Sunday - 12pm - 2pm. Alchemical integration, Cacao Ceremony & Soud Healing from the gifted Ashley Shelton

Ceremonial cacao - consumed with intention, with your soul connection has the opportunity to create healing, adaptation and inspiration. Engaging with cacao as a ritual, rather than consuming it as just a sweet treat, has direct positive impact on our whole well-being as well as our community and connection to all beings.

Cacao ceremonies are becoming more popular, because they are spaces for people to connect with each other in new ways, and they are an opportunity to reconnect with ancient parts of ourselves that remember the simple power of gathering together and re-defining how we love ourselves and the people around us.

What You May Experience...
While every cacao ceremony is different depending on the energies of the group present and the facilitation, there are some general things one can expect when attending a cacao ceremony at souls movement.

A safe, nourishing environment for you to connect with yourself, the spirit of cacao, and other people in deeper ways than one can usually access when by yourself.
The group will be led through a cacao activation, consisting of Qi-gong, inner alchemy and tools for opening the heart and activating the whole being.
The ceremonial cacao that one drinks in a ceremony was sourced, made, and prepared with love and intention.
Neil Ryan Dumra will guide the group through various exercises and experiences based on the intention of connecting to the now. We will enhance the sensory experience with guided experiences such as: meditations, sound journeys, dance, movement practices, and rest.
The general flow of all cacao ceremonies with 3rd eye is to set an intentional opening and setting of the container, a shared group experience, and then a closing where we all give thanks, and acknowledge what the group has created together as a collective.

Are you ready to experience a 3rd eye Cacao Ceremony?


Essential Oil Chakra Healing - Sunday’s @ 6PM

Essential Oil Chakra Healing:
A meditative essential oil experience to aromatically awaken your energy centers

Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic essence of the plant. Little liquid healers, they hold, within every droplet, the energy and frequency of a plant in its most concentrated form. In this way, each essential oil is a powerhouse of nature’s potent energy, to be used for healing physically, vibrationally and emotionally.

At this event, we will be using essential oils combined with the power of love-based presence. Come join us for a guided meditative healing. We will be balancing your chakras for emotional, physical and energetic attunement. It is a very nourishing, grounding and healing experience. This particular chakra meditation has an emphasis on bringing greater abundance to your life in all forms.


Cost: $30.00

We will be using high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils on each student during the Healing. All essential oils used in the healing event are, provided by the teacher and included at no additional cost to the attendee! ☺


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