The 3rd Eye Experience

The 3rd Eye Experience

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Our intention is to heal your soul and discover yourself with the aid of the Austin vortex energy, labyrinths, psychic healers, intuitive’s, meditations and organic elements like aromatherapy and crystals. We have created a space to heal, feel and connect with the sovereign spirit of love, balance and equanimity— and we have a variety of tools that could potentially help you attune to the now in an easy and enjoyable experience.

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The 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge is a multidimensional space for healing, feeling and deep levels of sovereign connection. We have a curated a retreat like and nurturing experience, if you seek to heal the soul and find forgiveness, equanimity, balance and inner peace. Each session includes a Ceremonial elixir, 30 zero-gravity massage, sound healing & tuning & option to use the infra-red sauna.