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VOICE Activation Workshop - Marly Benedicto

  • 3rd eye lounge 902 East 5th Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

What : Voice Activation I

When : September 27th, 6-9pm

Where : 3rd Eye Meditation lounge

Cost : $55

Your voice matters! Everything that it is to be you comes across when you sing and when you speak. Do so with intention.

This class is designed to connect you to your authentic voice, so that you may begin to express yourself in free abandon. Believe in yourself and speak your truth! Your voice is the most powerful tool you have to create the reality of your dreams. It's time to activate your voice.

Through breathe, visualization, eye gazing and singing Marly will guide you into the home of your original voice. Be released from the wandering mind and drop fully into your body in the present moment. Marly will help you access and release trauma around using your voice, and share practices to help you value your words and communicate clearly.

Cultivate your courage and creativity! The home of your voice lives in your sacral chakra. In Sanskrit the sacral chakra is known as "one's own dwelling." This is the residing place of your emotional body, your sensuality and your creativity. When you activate your voice you are initiating these other channels. The sacral chakra is blocked by fear, especially by the fear of death. This is why it can feel so scary to speak our truth or sing our song publicly. It requires courage, which is why we admire others when they do so!

Learn how to use your voice to tune your body and eradicate fear. The law of vibrations states that you and everything else, when broken down and analyzed at its most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. Every thought, feeling and action is effecting your personal vibration. You can release distortions of scarcity, grief, blame, shame, mediocrity, victimhood consciousness and every other pinning of fear simply by tuning your body with these vocal exercises.

While this is a ceremonial setting, and there will be significant energy shifts, it's also an environment of fun and play! In vulnerability, authenticity and love we get to share and receive a rarely accessed part of ourselves and one another. You can expect a lot of smiles, laughter, nervous giggles, soul connection and likely tears of peace and joy.


Lowers stress levels

Natural anti-depressant

Improves mental alertness

Strengthens the immune system

Broadens communication skills

Builds courage and trust

Widens your social circle

Boosts your confidence

Strengthens your intuition

Brings you into your body

Improves your posture

Alleviates insomnia

Inspires creativity

Enlivens sensuality

Ignites Play

What to Bring:

Drinking Water

A personal intention to enhance your connection to your inner voice and sense of self, to find clarity for something that may be confronting or confusing you, and to empower your voice in a situation where you may have a hard time expressing yourself.

What to Wear:

Comfortable, light clothing


Marly Benedicto