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Essential Oil Chakra Healing

  • 3rd Eye Lounge 902 East 5th Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

Essential Oil Chakra Healing:
A meditative essential oil experience to aromatically awaken your energy centers

Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic essence of the plant. Little liquid healers, they hold, within every droplet, the energy and frequency of a plant in its most concentrated form. In this way, each essential oil is a powerhouse of nature’s potent energy, to be used for healing physically, vibrationally and emotionally.

At this event, we will be using essential oils combined with the power of love-based presence. Come join us for a guided meditative healing. We will be balancing your chakras for emotional, physical and energetic attunement. It is a very nourishing, grounding and healing experience. This particular chakra meditation has an emphasis on bringing greater abundance to your life in all forms.


Cost: $30.00

We will be using high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils on each student during the Healing. All essential oils used in the healing event are, provided by the teacher and included at no additional cost to the attendee! ☺


About Your Guide:
Ariel was raised using essential oils since she was 5 years old, learning from her mother who is an international essential oil educator. Now Ariel is taking the knowledge she has cultivated over the past 20+ years growing up, and finally sharing it with others. Ariel grew up with a diverse spiritual background in the hills of Austin, TX, including the Maori matriarchal Waitaha lineage, the Vedas, Transcendental Meditation and others. She pulls from these traditions to bring together the unique way she shares her gifts with the world. Formerly working primarily with children, she has a big capacity for loving care and exquisite attention, which she now gives to her students. At 3rd Eye Lounge, she guides Meditative Healings with Essential Oils. In her free time, she enjoys connecting with nature, creative writing, and dancing. Ariel graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in psychology and is a certified Life Coach.