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3rd Eye Cacao Ceremony & Alchemical Integration

This Sunday - 12pm - 2pm . Alchemical integration, Cacao Ceremony, and Sound Healing - With Neil Dumra & Ashley Shelton

Ceremonial cacao - consumed with intention, with your soul connection has the opportunity to create healing, adaptation and inspiration. Engaging with cacao as a ritual, rather than consuming it as just a sweet treat, has direct positive impact on our whole well-being as well as our community and connection to all beings.

Cacao ceremonies are becoming more popular, because they are spaces for people to connect with each other in new ways, and they are an opportunity to reconnect with ancient parts of ourselves that remember the simple power of gathering together and re-defining how we love ourselves and the people around us.

What You May Experience...
While every cacao ceremony is different depending on the energies of the group present and the facilitation, there are some general things one can expect when attending a cacao ceremony at souls movement.

A safe, nourishing environment for you to connect with yourself, the spirit of cacao, and other people in deeper ways than one can usually access when by yourself.
The group will be led through a cacao activation, consisting of Qi-gong, inner alchemy and tools for opening the heart and activating the whole being.
The ceremonial cacao that one drinks in a ceremony was sourced, made, and prepared with love and intention.
Neil Ryan Dumra will guide the group through various exercises and experiences based on the intention of connecting to the now. We will enhance the sensory experience with guided experiences such as: guided meditations, sound journeys, dance, movement practices, and rest. 
The general flow of all cacao ceremonies with 3rd eye is to set an intentional opening and setting of the container, a shared group experience, and then a closing where we all give thanks, and acknowledge what the group has created together as a collective.

Are you ready to experience a 3rd eye Cacao Ceremony?