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Ignite Your Inner Cobra - Tantra Workshop

Imagine sexual liberation.

Imagine harnessing the most powerful energy on the planet and using it to achieve your goals.

Imagine healing the darkest places in yourself. The places that you hide and wish would go away. The places that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Imagine boundless energy.

Imagine every moment a union with the cosmos.

Imagine making love and transcending the physical plane.

Imagine being all that you are here to be.

Imagine integrating body, mind and spirit.

The sacred tantric texts give us teachings on how to embody and experience all of this.

This is our destiny. This is our birthright.

We have the choice to create a new future.

As we journey through 100 Days to Igniting our Inner Cobra, we will cover many terrains.

We’ve been given physical bodies as temples for our souls as we journey through this lifetime.  Let’s investigate how to care for them optimally.

If left unprocessed, our emotions can run our lives. Let’s dig deep and clear what no longer serves us.

Let us tap in to our highest selves and experience the path that our soul has chosen for us.

The Mahavatar Babaji gave us the Cobra Breath. Let us experience this gift and see what unfolds for us each individually and collectively.

Coming together collectively amplifies our efforts.

Join us weekly on Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm in south central Austin.

Be a part of our private FaceBook group and process your experiences and celebrate your clearings together throughout the week.

Strengthen your practice with daily, at home rituals.

Be a part of 15 minute individual coaching calls with Neil or Sarrah every thirty, sixty and ninety days.

Receive access to weekly tantric videos created just for you by Neil and Sarrah.

Dance and drink cacao and celebrate 100 days of transformation.

Develop deep, supportive friendships.

Develop deep self –love.

This is a safe place.

Sexuality will be addressed.

We expect that only mature adults will apply for this course.

We are bringing these teachings from a place of consciousness and high vibration.

Our intention is to help heal sexual wounding and create space for sexual awakening to occur.

Every participant will be treated with utmost respect so that this can occur. 

This is a clothing on, hands off course. Any touching that occurs will be between you and your own perfect, beautiful body.

Blossom into your radiance!

Empower yourself to create your own destiny!

Have fun while you’re doing it!

Purification and Pleasure.

The keys to the Universe.


$899 includes 3 facilitators, 4 week of courses, access to our private FaceBook group, three 15 minute private coaching calls, access to weekly tantric videos.

$1999 - Includes 3 weekly coaching calls and a personal evaluation with Neil & Ashley

Let’s bring our highest self together and transform our inner being to transform our existence.

Let’s create intentions for the new year in a space created to help us achieve them.

The time is now.

Let us rise together.

You are so beautiful.

You are an infinite universe.

You are creator and creation.

With all of the love in our hearts, 


Neil & Ashley

Tantric Alchemy Therapy Program 

I- Introductory Class -- Resting as "Your True Self" Leads to Awakening

  • Decode both the male/female anatomy and learn to use pleasure as medicine

  • Awaken your inner cobra and tap into the power from the sacrum

  • Control ejaculation and heal the physical, mental and soul body

  • Practice toning exercises to build powerful chi

  • Use your root energy to manifest inner engineering and self healing 

  • Heal Trauma and unlock your divine potential

  • Mindfulness practices for cultivating mental clarity, focus, and power

  • Learn to identify and process emotions quickly and effectively with gentle and authentic Communication

Program Details:

The curriculum consists of a 4 week intensive, as we guide you step by step through the process of integrating these Alchemical and Completion Process methods.

  • We will focus the first 7 days on the physical body, etherical body, inner child and working with emotional blockages, and building upon strengths while diffusing weaknesses.

  • On the 14th you will be given the gift of the Cobra Breathe and we will practice this amazing tool and work on building upon the system of clearing, and rewriting the story as well as developing a strong and feasible mindset and attitude to let go and encompass all the possibilities of love for yourself and everyone you surround yourself with. 

  • On the 21st day we will work on the soul, bringing the divinity from within to our core and allowing all the light to shine through - with our physical and mental tools to synergize with our roots and ignite our souls purpose to life, you will be in completion with collection of fractal damage and pain from unresolved trauma.  

  • We will end on the 30th day with a Tantric Cacao Ceremony, followed by a dance party with a DJ.  Cacao literally means ‘elixir of the Gods’ It is a powerful medicine plant for expanding consciousness. The ceremony is an experience in multi dimensional group energy and combined with the Sacred Tantric Ritual provides an opportunity to reclaim and embody your Sacred Masculine or Sacred Feminine power.

Course Outline - Detailed 

  • Clarifying your strengths and area of opportunity

  • Learning about food as medicine and recognizing your body

  • Tantra as Medicine

  • Sacrum Massage and Group healing

  • Babuji Tantric Meditation for activating sexual energy and healing sexual blocks.

  • Tantric yoga practices to build sexual CHI

  • Hindu Element Healing Practices for Body, Mind & Spirit.

  • Tantric Breathing for expanding your pleasure potential 

  • Orgasmic Awareness practice for cultivating sexual energy.

  • The power and practice of semen retention

  • Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation

  • The sacred art of Tantric Masturbation

  • Calling on your playmate

  • Deepening intimacy with Tantric Union Breathing

  • 5 Principle of Sexual communication

  • Creating safe space for women to speak

  • How to harness sexual energy and use it to transform consciousness

  • Awakening Your inner cobra and Embracing Babuji’s Cobra Breathe

  • Rewriting your story and loving the new you

  • Recognition exercise and authentic paradigm chart (homework)

  • The truth about Female Ejaculation

  • 4 Types of Female Nectar

  • Creating Sacred Space for healing

  • Using your lingam as a wand of light

  • Positions that unlock pleasure

  • Cultivating the 4 forms of Pleasure

  • Advanced sexual health practices

  • Decoding sexual wounding

  • Connecting with feelings and motivations

  • Integrating your shadow side

  • Coming to completion and moving forward

  • How to introduce Tantra to a prospective partner

  • Guidelines for practice and play 

  • Sadhana for the evolving Soul

Earlier Event: October 31
Sound Healing & Yoga Nidra