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Alchemical Lounge


3rd Eye Lounge

a place to let go

Human Being vs Human Doing

We welcome you to the space where the Tribe that matches the Vibe communes.

It’s a space where members of the community can host mindful, healing events, enjoy the Alchemical bar of high vibration tonics & elixirs, luxurious massage chairs, take time for some self care or just hang out with some really cool people.

It’s a place to come to slow down so you can actually speed up & have fun while you’re at it.

Meditate to sink deep and listen from within. Bring your journal for contemplation and inspiration. Tune into the mystical magic that is ever present.

Have an idea for an event you’d like to host? Contact us to set that up!

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Thank you for your interest in 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge!

We offer facilitators the ability to host events, workshops, ceremonies, art shows, and a place you can consistently create - Click the link to fill out the Event Form!

We are excited to know more about your offering. Our intention is to provide a local community gathering space for Independent Practitioners to host their Heart-Centered events.

Our Sanctuary is a space to hold classes, workshops, and programs in healing arts, expressive arts, creative arts, and community dialogues for peace and positive social change work - But also to have fun; to allow our inner-child run free, to contemplate, meditate or even concentrate.

We have zero gravity massage chairs, an Alchemical tonic herb bar, and high vibration health tonics offered by

We work with the tribes directly and are a direct supplier of ceremonial grade indigenous cacao that can assist with heart opening and clearing negativity.

We have membership plans available if you’re looking to hold events consistently as well as packages based on your individual needs.

Feel free to email: for information and questions regarding your event.


What an amazing, peaceful and relaxing place! Neil is warm, welcoming and friendly. The space is great for meditation, conscious gatherings, yoga, and a heart-warming conversation. A quiet oasis in the center of Austin!
— Oxana Romanyuk
Neil is awesome, I love seeing the alchemy that happens through his creations, and manifestations. Love his Cacao elixirs.
— Skye Alexander